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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

"I became them" Brilliant new poetry by Shainur Ullah

When I studied them, I became interested 
When I became interested, I heard of them 
When I heard of them, I saw them 
When I saw them, I met them 
And when I met them, I became them.

By Shainur Ullah


2 days ago
sounds like DMT applauded

5 days ago
Great poem, I love the progression. Great read! applauded

5 days ago
I like this exploration of how things influence us, and how it means that we become at total of all the experiences we have, whether we like it or not. A great concise shwoing of how that happens. Well Done! applauded

Sophie Alexandra
5 days ago
I don't know why but I really like this one 

5 days ago
This is brilliant and insightful! I wouldn't change a thing. It is exactly how i feel when I discover a new (well,new to me) branch of history, new genre of books, or a form of art. Thank you for expressing that feeling of oneness to every new study in life applauded

5 days ago
great poem.meditating on my beloved,i became her.weldone 

Lowell Poe
5 days ago
How interests sway our lives..
the progression of how we become influenced..
Bless you always,

joyjit sengupta
5 days ago
This is how it all works!! Getting to the bottom of things requires getting there first, once there
one becomes one with them. I am impressed by this relatively simple equation that you have put in place
which is both effective and true at all times. 

Kung Fu Witch
8 days ago
You have a great gift for capturing much in the smallest of nets. One is then left to marvel at the valuable treasures therein. Excellent write and read!!! applauded

8 days ago
it is so inspiring indeed! makes a person want to grow grow grow.... till hes become the person he admired the most! grt wrk sire! applauded

Ambreen Hameed
8 days ago
Though very simple and you kept it short but was good indeed. Very good read. : ) applauded

C r p mcconnel
8 days ago
I am quite impressed with this little short read. Very well apt to interests of humans. This is so true in its context, I love it! Well done..
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Victoria Marion
8 days ago
I really like this poem, it is true and well expressed, doesn't have too many lines, its short and to the point but the meaning is conveyed very well.

Tyler Dory
9 days ago
That, was, beautiful. To be honest it was pretty good, but I'm kind of wondering who you're speaking to.

9 days ago
mmm... very interesting... the very power of peer pressure at its best! Well penned.
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9 days ago
Simple but efficient ! It pictures the stages one could go through once introduced to particular knowledge that one finds interest in , I suppose and when i met them ,i became them could be interpreted as the influence someone had upon you in a positive way .It could also be though them you identified something that you desired in life and wanted so badly to have .Once you saw that it is achieveble "i became them " .It.s as if when we see something we want in others we try to copy them or imitate them so we can have what they have to ! Hope this makes sense !

karm kaur
9 days ago
simple yet says so much. I like the idea a lot, a good poem. applauded

9 days ago
I do understand that. I like the simplicity of that your write. Sometimes it only takes a few words to express an idea. Good write
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9 days ago
Awesome. That´s how it goes.

9 days ago
the poem can be interpreted in a dark foreboding sense or in the Sufi tradition of 'Oneness'.
Interesting! applauded

9 days ago
This is what I think about psychiatrists and Eire patients they all become mad because eh the are associating wi mad people all the time!
I found this really good.
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M. Douglas
9 days ago
This is an interesting introspection into the social structure and process behind the scenes of life. Very true and to the point. Nicely done.

Michael Dennis Rivers
9 days ago
interesting... I think maybe it should start with "I heard of them???
I like this because it makes the reader thin


emrm islam said...

Thats a great feeling for love

birendra sharma said...

simple yet says so much. I like the idea a lot, a good poem

angy said...

wow! really a very nice and motivating poem for all.. loved the way it is written.. applauds!!

jadabsau Sarker said...

Just awesome, i love poetry because there is an internal thought behind the poem which attracts me to read them....

pissa said...

awsome poem, you may find more like this on

MAMB said...
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Nikic Niko said...

this is great

MAMB said...
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Sudheera Madusanka said...

interesting this,,very meaningfull for our life...

Вяра Дурчева said...

terrific guys said... yes nice

MAMB said...

Nice collection of Poem. Do continue..

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