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Saturday, December 01, 2012

Love Isn't Easy via

Love Isn't Easy

Love doesn't come easy,
It must be earned,
So don't give up,
And succumb to scorn.

Taught from birth
Anything worth having takes work,
Yet we want love here and now,
Without putting in effort.

We work hard for money,
Toil for material things,
Yet expect love to magically appear,
Like fairy tales and dreams.

We spend years studying,
For education, degrees, and to learn,
Yet can't understand to get up and don't quit,
The first time we get burned.

We can break our legs,
And break our bones,
But break our hearts,
And we run and rather spend our lives alone.

We choose to be alone and wishing,
Rather than take a chance at love's true ambition,
All because we fear that pain,
That a heartbreak can bring.

Happily ever after,
That's what we pursue,
Yet quick to give up,
When when pain comes to you.

I'm here to tell you,
Tell you today,
You wouldn't appreciate love,
If it came the easy way.

So open your heart,
Open your mind,
Love's treasure you have to hunt for,
If you want it to find.

Love....a term that means many things to many people.
For some it is something they search their whole lives for.
For others it's something too dangerous and painful to even touch.
For some it's a means to get pleasure. For some people, they don't
know what it is. But no matter what, love is the one single
thing that touches us all no matter what. Love Isn't Easy is
a collection of poems and writings on the triumphs and tragedies
of love from inspirational and reflective writings to
stimulate the mind, to erotic writings to put you in the mood to,
emotional writings that capture the pain that love can cause.
Read along as Kato Wonder takes you on a journey into the throes
of love but isn't easy.