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Friday, May 24, 2013

Palace of Fallen Dreams and Loves

Palace of Fallen Dreams and Loves
by Vladimir Nicolas

In each person's mind, there is a sad kingdom, hidden in us.

In that palace colder than the coldest winter, very sad,

Your failed dreams, failed loves sleep there, forgotten

By the consciousness; they are alive, and waiting to bite us.

Failed dreams, dreams shocked by the reality you have no money.

You are not superman; you are not director, so you have no power.

Though easy to forget, they make us feel powerless, worthless.

Uneasy to forget, failed loves are ruthless bad creatures in person's mind.

Difficult to kill the sad memories, love is sweet, but love is grief-stricken.

Love is warm, but love makes weeps. So, failed loves are evil spirits, sad.

To forget helps each person's bravery. To forget saves the mind health.

After lots of failures, the dream turns true. At last, someone loves us, happy.

And a little far in us, the bad memories vanish in the nameless kingdom, but

That palace in each person's mind, it has never seen the sun to smell a flower.

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