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Sunday, February 03, 2013

Valentine's Day with a Brazilian Sweet. Better Than Chocolate?!

Better Than Chocolate?!: Has A Delectable Concoction For Your Sweethearts This Valentines Day

Los Angeles, CA. February 1, 2013. Are you looking for a fresh new sweet treat for your lovies on Valentines Day? Look no further. We’ve got your back. Get your taste buds ready for a sweet, smooth, rich, creamy dessert that Brazilians have enjoyed for years. Brigadeiro (bree-gah-day-ro) looks like chocolate but has its own unique, delicious taste that your friends, family and especially your love, will love! is a cottage food business based in the U.S. that ships to all 50 states.

Your days of running to the local market to buy that last minute box of chocolates have come to a peaceful end. offers an array of amazing sweet brigadeiro flavors that you can order online for birthday parties, weddings, family events and, yes, Valentines Day and other holidays.

Founder of Brazilian Sweets, Maya Zellman, is a native Angelino for whom brigadeiro is an integral part of her culture and life. Her memories of taking annual trips to Brazil to visit her family are inextricably tied to the savoring of the unmistakable melt-in-your mouth flavor of the sweet.

Brazilian Sweets has a wide variety of brigadeiro flavors on the menu. Start with the Chocolate Brigadeiro and add either chocolate sprinkles, coconut, pistachios, roasted almonds and more. Special for Valentines Day only is the Candy Red Heart embedded in the chocolate sprinkles.

Affectionately called “My Brigadeiro,” Zellman makes every order of brigadeiro by hand with all natural and the highest quality ingredients. Don’t miss the opportunity to introduce this long, well kept Brazilian secret to the ones you love!

For more information and to place your order, visit www.braziliansweets.comor call 818.400.8990