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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Save up to $1100 Each Year on Homeowners Insurance

You've heard about ways to save money on homeowners insurance before. Shave a little cash here and a little there and you've lowered your premiums. Is it really worth the time and effort just to save a few bucks? How much can you really save? Well, that depends on a great many factors such as the home, where you live and how far you are willing to go to save money. If you take a few minutes to read through this article, you can learn some great tips for how to save up to $1100 each year on homeowners insurance.

Home Safety and Security

Home safety and security are important for not only the safety of you and your family, but also for lower rates on your home insurance. Safety and security are tied to a few basic things: fire, theft and vandalism. Homes that have more safeguards in place qualify for lower rates. That means smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems, deadbolt locks, outside lighting and a security system can all pay for themselves through lower homeowners insurance rates. It can also be helpful to have a neighborhood watch. It helps build community relationships, guards against vandalism and theft, and can reduce your insurance premiums with some companies. Not only do these things pay for themselves and more over time, but they keep you, your family and your home safe and secure.

Reinforce Your Home Against the Elements

If you live in areas that are at a high risk for certain perils such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, you will pay more for your homeowners insurance. However, there are things you can do that will help you save money. Storm shutters are an affordable option to begin the process. It can also benefit you to have a roofing contractor consult with you on what exactly you can do to reinforce your roof. If in an earthquake prone area, you will want to make sure your home meets or exceeds building codes for structural strength. A strong home can better withstand a natural disaster. It may take upfront money to get your home up to the level it needs to be, but it will pay off down the road with cheaper homeowners insurance rates and a reduced likelihood of having to pay that deductible to repair your home.

Take Advantage of Discounts

A great way to increase your savings is to understand what it takes to get as many discounts as possible on your policy. Some companies offer as many as 40 discounts for policies that range from a few dollars off per month to 25 percent off your premiums. There are discounts for:

• Bundling auto and other policies with your home insurance

• Specific occupations

• Retiring

• Staying loyal to your insurance company

• Marriage

• Paying premiums in full rather than installments

• Having premiums deducted from bank account

This is a short list, so take a few minutes to look through a couple of insurance company websites to see a complete list of the specific discounts they offer.

Pay Attention to Changes in Your Life and Environment

Changes are constant and they can have an impact on how much you pay for your homeowners insurance. It's not up to the insurance company to keep up with these changes; it is up to you to inform them of these changes. Even changes you may not think important to your homeowners insurance may lower your rates. For instance, if you get married, your rates may drop. If you change jobs to one that garners a discount, tell your insurance company immediately. If a fire hydrant is placed closer to your home, your rates can drop. If you switch from well water to municipal water, you may get a discount. If a fire station is built closer to your home or goes from volunteer to paid, you can save money.

Online Price Comparisons

Saving money means finding the best bargain. How can you do that without comparison shopping? Luckily, you can now comparison shop online. This quickens the process and gives you more options for comparison. When shopping, be sure you are looking at respectable insurance companies with a strong history of good customer service and a variety of policy offerings. To find the best price among the strongest candidates, get online quotes. Quotes will provide you with the prices you need to make a comparison and find the biggest savings.

You can use our free rate quote tool to get as many as 10 or more quotes in minutes. The more quotes you get the better. Yes, by doing the things mentioned above and comparing rates, you can save as much as $1,100 on your homeowners insurance.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


As Spain’s # 1 makeup and fashion school with locations in Madrid and Barcelona, EPRO has now also recently launched their very own fashion club titled EPROMODA which is quickly making a stand on the online makeup and fashion marked.

It makes perfect sense really that EPRO branches out in this direction as they for over 5 years now have trained and graduated thousands of Online makeup artist, fashion styling and fashion design students, both in English and in Spanish. The more amazing factor is that the students are drilled in a manner that allows them the same exams level and certification at the end of study as their in-house students in Madrid and Barcelona gets.

EPRO states the following about EPROMODA: “The videos, articles and tutorials have a mission of staying true to the expectations of our fans and readers, and will always seek out to use new and fresh models who´ll be given a great opportunity to start their career. EPROMODA understands their fans and students need for high-end fashion that is also doable and approachable and therefore strives for a commercial fashion look that will inspire, motivate and illuminate the days of our readers and viewers. “- And to be quite honest- they do exactly that!

The videos are great, professional and the makeup is technically amazing- but what is even better is how user-friendly they are. We have all seen hundreds of artsy fashion films, that are great, but it doesn´t necessarily give direct inspiration to something a makeup and fashion lover or professional can or would do themselves…

The videos, articles and tutorials´ variety are also a great plus as it caters for every taste, color and facial structure. They don´t always choose to use super polished models which is very admirable as it gives fashion a true face- finally! As far as we can tell, there is no Photo Shop used either (!) and the looks are very straight forward and easily explained without skipping a step just to appear simpler.

So there you have it EPROMODA- so far so good and we´re excited to see the coming stuff you´ll create for us!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Launching of a New Internet Concept: A Video Blog Society!

If you missed out investing in eBay, Google or Facebook, then you have another chance to a ground floor opportunity to invest in a brand NEW concept that will hit the internet soon! Investors are now being sought to buy a USD$100 “Royalty Certificate” for VIBLOS, a video blog society!

our video in Youtube:

The goal for launch is 10,000 investors, but once at least 5000 investors have participated, the internet website will go live in the Fall of 2012. After pledging your USD$100 by credit card, it will be on file until at least 5000 investors have signed on before processing.

Concept: Allowing people, from all over the world and all walks of life to promote their own personal 1-minute videos. They can be informative, show talents and/or advertise a service. Exposure on the WWW or World Wide Web (aka Internet) will be extensive, resulting in satisfied people and more users. Advertisers will be drawn to the site and revenues will be generated. Investors will reap the rewards of sharing 30% of the net profit. Not bad for a USD$100 investment!

The motto of this video blog society will be “Thousands of Partners Worldwide,” and the team and groundwork is in place. It is now up to YOU, to help supply the funds needed for promotion and marketing costs. It will be an important concept to whet the public’s appetite and set some anticipation for this NEW concept! Remember all the advance publicity about “the information highway is coming?” before the WWW launched!

The team behind it all: Bettina, Beat, Andre, Carlos and Adroit Computing represent an international gathering of talent. This team includes a marketing and communications expert, a WEB service hosting provider, a financial advisor and a web designer! Adroit Computing, based in Austria will provide programming, developing, design and consulting services. All they need now is YOU!

The Viblos team.

Friday, March 02, 2012

A review of my experience hiring Innovative Credit Consultants company for my credit repair

I know a lot of good people are suffering because of today’s economic situation, but you don’t realize it until something happens to you. Three years ago, my husband died in a terrible car accident. I was left to fend for myself and my little baby girl. My husband was our primary provider and not only was I faced with coming to grips with the reality of him being gone, but also with the knowledge that I had to provide for my child.
It seemed like one nightmare after another. I was nearly broke and no one would hire me. I discovered that with the economy in shambles, not only were very few companies hiring, but those that were hiring, were putting their potential employees through extensive background checks.  This included a credit check. 
 People don’t realize how much your credit score affects your life. I certainly didn’t. My husband provided for my family and the bills were paid, or at least the minimum was. Living on credit became a lifestyle, more so after his passing. Unfortunately, you can only use your husband’s death as an excuse for so long when it comes to banks and credit cards.
A year after his passing I was still struggling and working several part-time jobs to make up for the income lost. My parents were very understanding and they helped me as much as they could. I felt guilty and ashamed for the situation I had gotten myself into. The hole that I had dug was only getting deeper.
Then, a good friend of mine suggested that I try getting my credit fixed. I didn’t even know that there was a way to “fix” your credit. I had learned that credit was important but it was still intangible to me. It never occurred to me that I could get it fixed if it was bad. Following her advice, she recommended a company that had worked with her when she and her husband were buying a house. She highly praised them, so I gave them a call.
The first time I called Innovative Credit Consultants, I was very apprehensive. By that time, I had gone through so many changes.  In the past I was met with disapproval or indignation for my situation. Banks and creditors made me out to be the villain. They made me feel like I should have somehow foreseen the difficulty that was before me. I truly feared that the people at Innovative Credit Consultants would be the same. I was pleasantly surprised.

The people at Innovative Credit Consultants weren’t just professional, they were compassionate too. I explained my situation and they listened without judgment. My representative was very realistic about what they could do for me and what they couldn’t. She told me that it wouldn’t happen overnight, but I could be helped.  Friendly and courteous, these people worked to get my credit back on track. All my questions were answered and for my convenience, I never had to come to the office, something very appreciated when you have a four year old running around. The process was lengthy but very worth it.

After several months, I reapplied to one of the companies that had a credit score limit for their employees. Originally, the hiring manager told me that I couldn’t be hired because of the score and he was mildly surprised to see me again. This time not only was I hirable, but he was impressed with seeing how much my score had improved.  Since then, he’s even gone to get help from Innovative Credit Consultants with his own credit.