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Monday, April 16, 2012

Do not get burned by an extended vehicle warranty

When a vehicle is purchased there are two opportunities to make decisions about extended warranties, at the point of purchase and then later via mail or phone solicitation. These purchase decisions need to be evaluated carefully regarding cost and actual benefit. Often, these warranties only cover specific repair expenses and in many cases only up to defined capped limits. In addition, they often require co-pays or deductibles. As a Shop Owner for many years, I have witnessed firsthand the disappointment on the part of the consumer when repairs were not covered in full.

These extended warranties are highly profitable for the marketers, financing institution and warranty companies themselves. These warranties are designed to be profitable and rates are formulated to maintain this profitability. Consumers should be particularly wary of after the sale solicitations and are advised to not agree to any purchase until they have had a chance to carefully review the coverage and the terms of payment.

Many consumers have discovered at the time of repair that the warranties do not cover to the extent assumed. Additionally, the consumer is often required to pay the full term of the warranty without an opportunity to drop the program.

There are, however, instances where these warranties make sense. If the vehicle purchase price is above $40,000, a reputable warranty may be a good investment. These high-end vehicles tend to have higher than normal average repair costs due to the more complex technology and expensive accessories. These higher repair costs often justify the upfront expense of the extended warranty.

There are several important points to consider when deciding to purchase an extended warranty. Warranties offered by Auto Dealerships are usually reputable and could be considered a safe purchase.

Aftermarket warranties need to be researched by asking your local repair center, OEM Dealership as well as checking the company’s reputation on Internet. You will also need to carefully review items covered, deductible or co-pay requirements and payment terms.

Professional Fleet Services does not sell or endorse any of these products but has had positive experiences with Guardian Warranty, Wynn’s Warranty and OEM extended warranties. If you run into problem it is time to call Sam @ Your Lansing Auto Repair Experts!

Skateshops, a new trend in lifestyle, and a community beacon for Newark

The Kanek Skate shop is a unique and new shining example of why Newark as a city is flourishing. This landmark was built by the people, by lovers of the skating life, and has cropped up to a new cultural epicenter in it of itself – in downtown Newark New Jersey. The crisp night air lights up the concrete streets with a waning that makes any boarder wish they had the dopest deck, and could hardline a handrail, at 15mph. And the wheels! A magnificence to behold. The decks and boards at the Kanek Skate shop was akin to visiting a modern art gallery. You have, HAVE to stop by this place if you pass nearby Newark New Jersey. Skateheads are going to revel in the modern artistry of Kanek artists. The party is in downtown Newark, NJ and its name is KANEK. One love.

Friday, April 06, 2012

Walk like MADD for Dan & Larry

Please join/donate to the Dan & Larry Team: Walk like MADD for Dan & Larry

On April 30, 2011, a man's choice to drive drunk took the lives of two GREAT MEN. Our husbands, Dan Gambardella and Ilario (Larry) Scuteri, were on their way to work when their car was struck and driven off the road by an illegal immigrant drunk driver. Sadly, our husbands died instantly. On that morning of April 30, 2011, our lives as we knew them were gone, changed forever in an instant. Along with our husbands, parts of us died that early morning too. Our lives have been altered forever. We are left to pick up the pieces and try to create a "new normal" for our children. A new normal our children never wanted.

Last year, we walked along with many of you only 5 weeks after Dan and Larry were killed while we were still on AUTO PILOT. At this years WALK on Saturday, June 2, we ask that you walk with us in WALK LIKE MADD in MEMORY OF DAN AND LARRY and for a cause we, unfortunately, know the VALUE of. In the last 8 1/2 months we have lived with the DEVASTATION that drunk driving leaves behind for the family of the victims. We now know what it is like to look in our children's eyes and see a look of deep sorrow and pain. A look, as mothers, we want to 'make all better' but this is something we, even as mothers, can't fix or 'make better' for our children.

In these last 8 1/2 months, MADD has supported us on this overwhelming, scary and painful journey and has provided insight into the world of the Nassau County Criminal Court System for which we are now a part of and for which we continue to fight for justice for Dan and Larry.

We walk this year again for Dan and Larry in hopes to raise enough awareness about the dangers of drunk/drugged driving. We pray to put a stop to this! Drunk driving is a CHOICE PLEASE CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK/DRUG AND DRIVE. We can not save our husbands' lives but we can help save others. The drunk driver may have silenced Dan and Larry on that fateful morning but he will NOT SILENCE SANDY AND I. We will continue to seek justice for Dan and Larry. We ask that you walk and/or donate to join Sandy and I so that the VOICES of the victims of drunk driving will be HEARD.

With Love, Linda Gambardella and Sandy Scuteri
see link: Walk like MADD for Dan & Larry