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Monday, October 15, 2012

Featured Poem and Article by World-Renowned Poet Miss Quote

From Diamonds To Rocks

She has decided to stop treating people like diamonds when there really rocks.
This is what you get like when you go through the hard knocks.
Every woman to herself because she's all she's got.
She stops calling them her friends
Because this day they love her, the next day they love her not.
When God makes you fishers of men,
Be aware of the multitude that is still starving.
Her sudden solitude is the quiet before the storm,
Then they rush to her and for every good, there's a tainted one that comes alone,
Waiting there just to take your joy even before it’s even begun.
But with mistakes, once bitten, twice you become the chosen one.
She leaves nothing left unsaid.
The ones whose words are heavier than any type lead, but sticky to the touch because her actions leave the hungry fed, provide the sleepy with beds and it’s never ever too much.
But people will take all you have to give and still want more.
Then with an epiphany of open doors,
It comes to her like sea shells to the sea shore.
You cannot save those who are destined to perish.
Her adversity unfolds, realizing the difference between telling and being told, selling and being sold, begging and being bold, investing in a property already sold; it all defeats the purpose, worthless like an old blues song without a chorus.
It now makes sense to her why our protective skin is so porous.
Not everyone with a smile is for us.
Come on now. Jesus was betrayed by Judas.
See, she gets it now—evil is attracted to the righteous,
And in life you always want what you can't have,
Like a cure for AIDS or like a an uneducated black man who needs a raise, or like that morbidly obese woman who wants an athletic wealthy, good looking, god fearing, sincere fun loving gentle man.
Or like when you pray every day for them to send the troops home.
Or even like when you’re broke and you need a payday loan but you owe them already from the last time when they disconnected your phone.
When exactly do you see these things likely to happen?
What was she waiting for?
For her spoken word poetry to start mainstreaming and starving artists to start grubbing, making money, getting record deals plus recognition and not for ghost writing?
I mean really.
Taking over like there’s no telling.
Maybe her push is in her faith in God.
That the desires of her heart will materialize just because.
That's why I decided to stop treating people like diamonds when they’re really rocks.
I don't hail up the King Selassie when they’re really not locks.
I will look sexy, but you'll never see what's under my frock.
I have done all that I could. That's why success always knocks.
People it’s God I serve and I've come to realize every man, woman and child will get what they deserve.
This is my redemption and my story.
And who God bless, no man curse.
These are the words spoken from a woman who knows her worth.
Like what you heard?
Did you not come here to hear my spoken words?
Then come check me respectfully and I’ll tell you my salary promptly.
Pay me for my diamonds or you can get those rocks….over there…for free.

Poet Captures the Hearts of Many:  Miss Quote takes Center Stage at Concert Hall
By Tuesday Wahlberg  Published: March 19, 2012

CAPETOWN, South Africa - Poetry is one of the most underestimated forms of communication today. It's rare to find an audience who appreciates the true power of a poet and their skills in binding and bonding words together to form beautiful, captivating sentences. It is also rare to find a poet who is willing, or able to fully engage an audience and captivate them with their words. Yet, when Jamaica Nationalist Miss Quote, one of the leading poets of the world, took to the center stage of the Baxter Theatre Center, she gave an extraordinary performance that left everyone hungering for more.

As she stood on the stage, firm and confident, she reached into herself and found ways to enchant and mesmerize the audience, using each word, each sigh, each syllable to command their attention.

She also never held back, choosing instead to draw the audience in and share with them some of the deepest, most intimate parts of her mind.

Her ability to change the atmosphere was outstanding, as she inspired a variety of reactions, from shocked silence to wild cheers. Her words, spoken with delicacy and tenderness, brought a tear to even the most hard-shelled of persons in the audience.

Even after the performance, the crowd kept calling for more and Miss Quote looked ready to supply. If she keeps this up, she is sure become a worldwide phenomenon and restore our love for poetry once again.


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