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Saturday, September 15, 2012

A Heart Without Words

I read poetry with a passion and that can sometimes be difficult with what is on the market in current times, too many repetitive themes and styles with little in the way of real passion.

This Poet however is not in that league and finding his book and reading it was an emotional experience on a level I have scarcely endured, David McDonald writes from experience and opens his heart indeed his very soul. The poem “GOODBYE” pulled at every sinew of the heart leaving me bleeding the tears of regret for the words, “SPRING” on the other hand was a joyous discovery of a new beginning.

War Poetry is not easy to read but GOOD War Poetry is a privilege, when written by someone who has served and lost friends it is an honour to see his words so beautifully, sometimes painfully, written for the reader.

A full 5 stars and thank you for the book, I look forward to reading your others.

Debris of battle

Black waves crashing onto the beach, a moon shivers in the cold
The sea sends wave sighing, this a sight that has grown so old
Lapping on the sands in anger, the moon bright and sad at the scene
An ocean of rage surging onwards, how often has this horror been?

Salt water laps at the bodies, so many lay still only moved by the waves
Almost you think the waves move them, an effort for lives they may save
The debris of battle seen then gone, waves wash over and recede in disgust
Dead machines sit still on the sand, waiting for the march of the rust

The moon picks shadows in grotesque scenes, appalled that this still occurs
How often will the view lay out on the beach, can this be what man prefers
A sadness flows back out to the sea, death carried back by each wave
To be held in eternity for all to see, futility from dead and from the brave


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