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Sunday, June 03, 2012

War Poetry - Every Soldier Needs a Soul

By Helen Horsfall2 02-Jun-2011

Beautiful poetry by an amazingly talented man, so much warmth and heartfelt passion in each one. I bought this and take it with me every where I go, I get great comfort from it. Being married to a Staff Sergeant in the British Army it helps me try and understand from a soldiers point of view. I cant wait tilI the next book.

Tell My Rose

Don’t let my Rose hear of how I died, lying alone on this cold hill
Tell her that I died surrounded by friends, quietly and peaceful and still
Don’t tell her off the human horrors surrounding me where I lie
Speak gently when you say to her I spoke her name and gently cried

No mention of the bullets that tore at me or the shrapnel in my spine
Just the hushed mention of a death that was painless, mercifully short on time
Spare the thought of the blood I have lost no mention of the leg that’s not there
Speak with kindness and clarity tell of a kind nurse who stroked my hair

I want my Rose to remember the man she loved without restrain
She should always have the memories of me passing away without pain
Then I can face what painful death my God has set aside for me
I can wait until I die and then watch my Rose from above where I’ll be


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