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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Food Truck Franchise Group debuts at the International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show (IMHRS) Gourmet Streets attracted hundreds to the only food truck franchise solution in the show

NEW YORK, NY, December 19, 2011…The Food Truck Franchise Group and Gourmet Streets Brand Cuisines debuted at the 96th annual International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS), held November 12-15 in New York City. The Food Truck Franchise Group welcomed thousands of visitors who marveled at a Gourmet Streets Eastside Deli Cuisine food truck which was on prominent display at the Show.

The show attracted nearly 30,000 total trade attendees including both executives, owners and business opportunity seekers.

“The Food Truck Franchise Group was established to be a results-driven turnkey solution for starting your own business. After many years of marketing research, I believed that the time was ripe to offer a complete food truck franchise package which will enable any motivated person to start their own business.

Clearly, the need for new solutions is pressing in this economy and a food truck franchise stands heads and shoulders above starting a traditional fixed bricks and mortar restaurant location. Less expense outlay, mobility and greater potential for profitablity.

The Food Truck Franchise Group was created as a complete A to Z package which includes equipment, licenses, locations, mobile applications, operation manuals and training. The Food Truck Franchise Group does not just sell you a food truck. And we do not sell fast food. The concept is so new and inventive, that many of the Show attendees did not realize that we were selling an entire package. They had never heard of a food truck franchise being offered previously.

We chose the IMHRS as our New York Venue to showcase what a modern, clean and spectacular food truck franchise looks like. I sure did not mind that just about every attendee wanted photographs of themselves with our Gourmet Streets Eastside Deli food truck. I was happy to oblige, it just illustrates how attractive a food truck can be. The traffic at the Show was awesome and of course we look forward to more as the word gets out about The Food Truck Franchise Group" said Robert Mytelka, CEO of the Food Truck Franchise Group and Gourmet Streets.

Attending the show as well was Darren Bully, the Executive Chef of Gourmet Streets who commented that "Together with a full culinary staff, we developed these Gourmet Streets cuisines exclusively for use in a food truck franchise operation. Our guide was demographic research which pinpointed these cuisines as most appealing to the 18 to 35year old market segment. We targeted the collegiate campus market because our food truck franchise locations are typically at colleges and universities with student enrollments of 4,000 or more. We put alot of thought, care and preparation to develop cuisines which have great taste and cost $10 or less with a drink. I was very gratified to see the level of interest at the Show and look forward to building amazing new connections with more food truck franchise entrepeneurs. I am glad to help!"

Gourmet Streets™ is the master brand of the only gourmet food truck franchise in the world, and is owned and operated by the Food Truck Franchise Group LLC (FTFUS). Food Truck Franchise Group (, Gourmet Streets™ ( and its enterprises bring together seasoned business professionals in food truck franchising, culinary arts, restaurant operations, food prep, retail, marketing, and government services to offer a turnkey solution gourmet food truck franchise, which are also known as mobile trucks, concession trailers and on the go food, throughout the United States and points beyond.

The brand, Gourmet Streets™, offers a choice of a variety of different food truck franchise cuisines to be operated upon the platform of a gourmet mobile food truck which is modern, clean, and inventive. Several cuisines/menus are available to choose from: Gusto’s, Chillipeppers, Mambi’s, American Fare, Sizzle Stix N’Burger and Eastside Deli (each food truck franchise cuisine is more fully described throughout this website). Have you asked yourself, How can I start a food truck franchise business? Where can I get a food truck? Is there a food truck franchise available? The Food Truck Franchise group provides a turnkey solution to acquire and finance the lease/purchase of the truck and its equipment. Further , The Food Truck Franchise Group helps to locate a market for a successful operation, acquire permits/licenses, and do the marketing/advertising needed to get your food truck franchise speeding to success. Gourmet Streets food truck franchise provides the menus, recipes and all of the culinary considerations necessary for meals that will appeal to your target market and bring you a continuous stream of repeat business. We work closely with several culinary schools, and can assist in staffing your business, and training, as needed.

The International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show is sponsored by the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the Hotel Association of New York City, Inc., and the New York State Hospitality & Tourism Association; and is managed by GLM. For more information on How to Start a Food Truck Franchise, please click here


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